Texas Adventures

I’ve been trying to stick with publishing my posts on Fridays but last week I skipped out on account of family vacation…

I’m a huge fan of the beach and the rest of my family could do without, but since I subbed a lot the past school year I decided I’d put my earnings toward a family vacation to South Padre Island in Texas, like it or not.

First off I looked into us flying but since Texas is a huge state and there’s so much to do I didn’t want to fly and miss out on some points of interest that are on the way to South Padre. Therefore, we collectively decided to drive—about a 17 hour drive from where we live in Nebraska. Gulp.

On Father’s Day (early morning) we finished packing our bags and food (and way too many pillows and blankets) into the back of our SUV and by 5:30 A.M. we were on the road.


Sunday: Drove to Waco, TX (about an 11 hour drive). Stayed the night in a hotel.

Monday: Hit up Magnolia Market around 9 A.M. Stayed a few hours. This was a reasonable amount of time to spend there. Note: The earlier you go the less packed….

Afternoon—drove the few hours to San Antonio, arrived around 3 P.M. Checked into the Drury Inn and Suites, right along the river walk. Walked the river walk, would’ve eaten at one the charming restaurants but there was a boat parade happening that evening so everything was shutting down at five this way seating could be put up for locals and visitors to watch the parade. This was totally fine though because our hotel we stayed at serves a nice complimentary meal each evening so we headed back and enjoyed chicken Alfredo and lots of other goodies and sat at a window in the dining area where we had a good view of the river walk with the boat parade taking place. Amazing!! Loved it!!

Our hotel, Drury Inn and Suites-San Antonio
Riverwalk San Antonio, TX
Boat parade

That night…I stayed up through most of the hours taking care of Warren who was sick with some sort of flu bug and praying the rest of us wouldn’t get it! This wasn’t part of the itinerary! The poor guy started getting sick on Sunday when we were driving down to Texas and I thought it was just carsickness but it messed with him the first three days of our trip, we managed to get through though!

Tuesday: 9 A.M. Walked to the Alamo in San Antonio (a fort used in the 1800s during the Texan/Mexican battle). Spent about an hour there. Free entry if you’re touring it on your own.

Headed the few hours to Corpus Christi. Arrived in the afternoon and went straight to Whitecap Beach after checking into our hotel.

That evening we ate at a Cracker Barrel (which was the only time we ate out, our food costs for the entire week was under $200 for everything. We relied on a cooler filled with sandwich making supplies, gogurt, string cheese, apples, grapes etc and then I’d utilize the mini fridge/freezer at the hotels to keep our food fresh and cold and I’d refreeze ice packs, worked like a gem). After supper we took the kids to play miniature gulf at Treasure Island Golf & Games. My husband “putt” the rest of us to shame!

Wednesday: In the morning we headed to the USS Lexington (WWII aircraft carrier museum). Spent a few hours there, pretty interesting piece of history to tour.

Afterwards we drove the three hours down to South Padre Island where we finally put in some rest and relaxation time for the remainder of our trip. After checking into our condo we hit up the grocery store for meal essentials to cover the next few days. The beach was about a five minute walk from our condo so we made our way down there that evening.

Thursday: Drove the island’s main road to check out the place and found a beach where we could drive the car and park right next to the water! The best!!!! Bucket list check off right there! The kids collected tons of shells!!

Friday: Walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise. Visited Sea Turtle Inc. (an organization which rehabilitates & releases sea turtles and provides permanent residency for sea turtles that may need it). Super sweet place!

That afternoon my oldest daughter and I took up the chance to do a little shopping…and we definitely found and bought SOMETHING(S)…eekkwhich I will share about in my next post because this one’s already way too long…

Saturday: Dear old (and very long) Saturday…our day began shortly after 4 A.M. My husband was pumped and ready to hit the road home-bound! The original plan was to drive a long but comfortable amount and then stay the night somewhere toward the northern part of Texas and finish the drive up on Sunday morning…but Saturday came and our homebody selves were all ready to be back home. So we drove, and drove, and drove some more and my champion husband safely pulled our little SUV filled with precious cargo into our driveway shortly after midnight.

Vacation time is good. Texas was a blast. But you know the old-age saying, ‘home is truly where the heart is.’

Home Sweet Home. Such is true with life, as Christians we enjoy the adventure of our earthly life but bank on the beauty and reality of a ‘Heavenly’ Home one day…

Sweet weekend blessings everyone!!❤️