The Wild Joy of Mothering and Prayer

Yesterday morning as I worked through my independent Bible study at the kitchen counter, I could hear the voices of my children connecting together — grouped up in my youngest daughter’s room the three of them laughed in between small talk and LEGO building.

Like music to my ears (hearing them bond) I shot up a heartfelt prayer of thankfulness to the One who encourages loving relationships. I thanked God for the laughter, for zero arguing and that the Holy Spirit would flood that room with joy. I closed with a blessed feeling of Amen.

No joke within seconds my boy comes storming out of his sister’s bedroom — head down, arms crossed tightly to his chest and feet stomping madly as he made a beeline straight for his basement bedroom.

Yup I’ve seen this move a thousand and one times before…

“Dude! Please get back here so we can talk about this situation, and when you come right away it shows me respect!” I pleaded.

With that, he turns around before hitting the steps and marches straight over to where I sat on the kitchen stool waiting.

“What in the world happened?…I just finished offering up a prayer of thanksgiving that y’all were getting along so well and I even boldly requested that Satan stay the heck out of that room, so how did things turn south so suddenly?” I spouted out calmly but rationally.

Our eyes met and a sly smile spread across my son’s playful face immediately, followed by — “I was just kidding mom, we’re fine!”

Goodness! Isn’t mothering full of surprises?

I’m fully convinced though, had I not just covered those kids and that bedroom with prayer that deal could’ve been a real outbreak without a healthy resolve for peace. I faithfully believe in the power of prayer. We’ve been down this path more than a time or two so I’m no stranger to bumps in the road — but these days I’m paying attention to the caution sign reminding me to yield to the Lord’s way.

Prayer is essential. And it changes things for His glory.

Mama or not, part of our role when we call ourselves Christians is that we should be fully connected to God through prayer in all areas of life — praising Him for the blessings and crying out to Him before the battle has a chance to begin…and when it’s already begun it’s still not too late to hit our knees and throw our hands up…

In the times when we feel hopeless or overwhelmed it can cause us to be left speechless — the beautiful hope and truth is that the Holy Spirit helps to convey our prayers of struggle to God even when our words are absent.

Mothering, especially when arguing kids are taking over, has often times left me with feelings of frustration and words that should’ve been replaced by cries to our Father.

As I mature in my faith I’m learning and going to prayer much quicker and I’m leaning on (and remembering) this verse for unfailing help when I’m at a loss of words:

“The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” Romans 8:26b-27

So today I just want to encourage you to lift up every single one of your concerns to God…sweet friend, even if all you feel is a world of pain and tears give that over to our God no matter what the grievance involves.

Surrender it!

Cry out! The Holy Spirit will turn your mess over to God to bring you a message of hope but you must have a willing and patient heart, eager to listen to Him whisper over your fret. Allow God to settle over any of your uneasy feelings. Pray with sincerity that the Holy Spirit would flood your heart and your situation with peace and direction.

And MAMAS if your trial just happens to involve the disciplining of a child remember how patient the Lord has been with each of us…without raising His voice He comes alongside us offering hope so that we can share it with our mini-me’s. That hope revolves and remains easy to grasp and understand the more we stay connected to Him through prayer.

Dedication: TO MY OWN MOM who has shown me the kind of mothering that echos an unending supply of mercy and grace. Happy Mother’s Day! I LOVE you! Thank you for relentlessly pointing me to Jesus when I thought I could figure out my mess on my own back in my twenties. Surely your prayers for my salvation were nonstop; I finally caved and there’s been no regret since! To Him be the glory!