Entertainment Ideas During These Times…

Alrighty it is at the full expense of my embarrassment and the benefit (or punishment) of your entertainment that I share this video with you all…

When I first saw my husband videoing I thought “oh great grief”….but I didn’t know watching it repeatedly afterwards was gonna cause my family and me to laugh hysterically….my ribs hurt today either from laughter or doing the “worm dance.”

Regardless, if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you know I am OK with vulnerability.

For Pete’s sake things have gotten weird, not only around the world but in my own house too….actually it was always weird here, but now it’s 100 percent extra weird at the Witt residence.

I didn’t think I would post for a while but I can’t resist — just had a few updates to share and some ideas to maybe help keep your spirits up and your families busy and entertained while this Coronavirus madness plays out. My mood has transitioned since my last post from one of bitterness to one of joy and thankfulness meanwhile lifting up our world in prayer. I encourage you to try and enjoy this downtime by bonding with one another as you spend time together in your homes.

To date, I’m back to homeschooling all three kids again instead of just Mc although Warren and Paige are technically enrolled in public school. As of now they are to remain out of public school until April 13 and of course with any further notice that goes out.

We are currently on day three of homeschooling and let me tell you our schedule consist mostly of “drama” class but that video from last night happened to capture the silliness of what quarantine is capable of doing to a couple extroverted, type A personalities. It’s like creative arts meets Phys-Ed.

On the other hand the corner has served as the principal’s office at least twice so far.

And lastly here’s a few photos (and ideas) from our “homeschool yearbook” from this past week so far…in hopes that some of these will serve to give you and your loved ones ideas of entertainment, and please if you come up with any of your own that you’ve utilized be sure to comment so we can thrive off of one another!! 1.) Study in your Bible.2.) Read a book.3.) Write letters to a local nursing home, they can’t have visitors right now and would love to receive a note of encouragement.4.) Hop on Art Hub for Kids and draw together as a family, seriously soooo much stinking fun, the husband even joined and loved it!

5.) Play games! Board games, card games…6.) Read a book together as a family. We’ve started reading Charlotte’s Web together in the evenings and everyone thoroughly looks forward to this part of our day.7.) Pick-up a new hobby! We happen to have a piano and two guitars in our home that some of us don’t know how to play, my son will be learning to play guitar beginning next week, using a Keith Urban instructional series that we own. But there are a plethora of websites offering generous deals right now for a bit of nothing or even free of charge to help keep people entertained from home. A quick Google search should render some sufficient results. 8.) Try some yoga as a family. Click here for a basic yoga app I’ve been doing yoga for about a year now and it seriously helps me with my crazy…provides great breathing and stress relief techniques plus I feel like I truly get beautiful quiet time with God while aiming at healthy-living goals.9.) Play outdoors if weather allows, heck these kids hit up an outdoor adventure in sleet yesterday.

10.) Throw a dance party! We had such a blast last night. Eat your heart out Dancing With the Stars!!

Leaving you with an encouraging verse:

‘neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ -Romans 8:39

And also this😂: