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10/27/18 A High, Low, and a Funny 

10/14/18 Reckless Love 

10/08/18 Part 2: The Bible Too Incredible to Deny

9/24/18   Part 1: The Bible Too Incredible to Deny

9/17/18   Blogger Recognition Award

9/01/18   Thank You!

8/24/18   Just Peachy!

8/16/18   Get Real

7/27/18   Good Good Father

6/26/18   Part 3: Remembering My Dad (lessons and spiritual growth)

6/25/18   Part 2: Remembering My Dad (story)

6/18/18    Part 1: Remembering My Dad (poetry)

06/7/18    Why do you run?

5/29/18   Jesus in the Center

5/18/18   More Grace

5/10/18   Spring Cleaning: Satan Out!

4/10/18   The Other Day I Substitute Taught

4/1/18     Beyond The Cross: What does it mean to you?

3/23/18   It Starts With A Seed

3/9/18     Let Go and Let God: my husband says so

2/14/18   Today (just another day) is finally here!!!

2/9/18    First Jesus, then coffee…one more cup: Part 2

2/7/18     First Jesus, then coffee: Part 1

1/11/18    Surrendering Victoriously

12/23/17  Light of the World

12/03/17  But He’s in Heaven Now

11/07/17  Hope in Jesus Equals Peace…learning from an old woman’s misery 

11/01/17   Autumn Update: REST

10/18/17   Sin City…More Than Just A Vegas Thing

10/07/17   Lego-building vs. God

09/25/17   Marriage is an Adventure

09/20/17   Faith and Teeth

09/13/17   A Strike at the Head

09/12/17   The Effect of Words

09/12/17   Bottles Down, Bibles Up

09/11/17   Let’s Share It!

09/08/17   Loving Others Through Dirty Feet

09/07/17   Pap-smears and Jesus

09/04/17   The Three “F” Words: Faith, Family, and Four-wheelers