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02/26/21 Lessons From Grandpa Fred’s ‘Early’ Turn Signal

02/19/21 Choosing Well

02/12/21 Our Sins Are ‘Toast’

02/04/21 Temi from Christian Mommas Blog

01/29/21 What Are You Putting Off?

01/22/21 Where Are You Humble Hearts?

01/14/21 Relying on God More Than Ever

01/07/21 Rejection to Blessing

01/01/21 Happy New Year

12/23/20 Merry Christmas!

12/17/20 Celebrating ‘Christ’mas No Matter What

12/15/20 Random Christmas Faves and December DIY for Candle Making

12/04/20 Upward Faith

11/20/20 November DIY Fabric Coasters and Camera Strap

11/12/20 Disappointed But Not Hopeless

10/29/20 Tips on Becoming a Semi-Minimalist, etc (part 2 of 2)

10/28/20 Becoming a Semi-Minimalist, etc (part 1 0f 2)

10/22/20 Reopening My Etsy Shop of Day 11 of Quarantine 

10/15/20 Day 4 of Quarantine

10/09/20 DIY Reusable Outdoor Pumpkins 

10/01/20 Use the (Clipper) Guard

09/24/20 16 Marriage Tips by Nate and Alicia

09/17/20 Choosing Positive Thinking

09/11/20 September’s DIY Acorns and Pumpkins 

09/04/20 Relating to Max (Paige’s dog)

08/29/20 August DIY Patio Benches

08/21/20 Getting Over Those Toxic Thoughts That’ll Drive You Crazy

08/14/20 Meet Taya

08/06/20 Motivated and Persistent 

07/31/20 July DIY Burlap Rope Plant Holder

07/22/20 Hello again…Finally!

06/30/20 Light Against Darkness

06/21/20 Happy Father’s Day and June’s DIY 

06/18/21 Removing the Mask

06/12/20 Unconditionally Serving Grandma: It Never “Depends”

06/04/20 Kitchen Remodel and Thought

06/02/20 Just So You Know

05/21/20 Learning in the Garden

05/14/20 Living On His Plans

05/09/20 The Wild Joy of Mothering and Prayer 

05/08/20 Garden Sign DIY #5

05/04/21 A Finished She-Shed Part 2

04/27/20 Mystery Blogger Award

04/21/20 His Words Always Guarantee Truth

04/16/20 May Day Baskets DIY #4

04/07/21 Hope Through Unity

03/31/20 DIY #3 Coffee Mug Holder

03/27/20 Be Alert and of Sober Mind

03/21/20 Entertainment Ideas During These Times

03/18/20 The One Thing We Need

03/14/20 It’s Okay to Admit When We’re Not Okay

02/29/20 DIY Rope Shelf Decor Gift Idea #2

02/25/20 The Matthew Project

02/14/20 Heart Lessons

01/31/20 Handmade Morse Code Bracelet Gift Idea #1

01/29/20 Walking in the Light

01/24/20 Drive It Like You Own It

01/14/20 A Solid Foundation

01/07/20 Keeping the Christmas Spirit Going

12/27/19 Patience Required

12/17/19 A Lasting Season of Joy

12/06/17 Quiet Time Necessity

11/27/19 Truly Thankful

11/18/19 A She Shed in the Making Part 1

11/13/19 Autumn Updates 2019

10/21/19 I’m Over You Fear!

10/04/19 Celebrations and Ramblings

09/21/19 Burnt Popcorn Lessons

09/11/19 In Honor of 9/11

09/06/19 A Thorn In My Flesh

08/22/19 Avoiding Fourth of July Freak Outs

08/15/19 Worth More Than Diamonds

08/07/19 Sunshine Blogger Award

07/25/19 Furry Pinball and Faith

07/18/19 Oh This Ladder (POETRY)

07/11/19 I’m So Glad You’re The One Taking Care Of Me Today PART 2

07/08/19 I’m So Glad You’re The One Taking Care Of Me Today PART 1

07/04/19 Summer Update

06/27/19 Proverbs 16:31 Hair…Glory Found in the Grays

06/26/19 To My Email Readers

06/16/19 Happy Father’s Day Dad

06/08/19 An American’s Thoughts From Germany 

05/24/19 I’m Being Weird

05/18/09 Weeding With Purpose

05/09/19 I’m More Concerned Over Your Heart

05/01/19 Eleven Years of Maternity Leave

04/25/19 A Post-Easter Post

04/18/19 His Work Was For You and Me

04/12/19 Even If part 2

04/11/19 Even If It’s ‘Silly Yak’ part 1

04/02/19 When Our Head And Heart Just Don’t Feel It

03/28/19 Be Strong And Courageous 

03/21/19 Error 101

03/13/19 Come As You Are

03/07/19 Lessons From Slap-Happy Lemurs

02/26/19 The Cone of Shame

02/20/19 A Quick Fix or a Worth the While Wait

02/07/19 He’s a Chain Breaker

01/28/19 Pocketknife Lessons 

01/23/19 I’m Adding Handmade Jewelry To My Etsy Shop

01/18/19 Bread Doesn’t Have To Be A Weakness For Me

12/31/18 That’s Just What I Needed, Thank you!

12/21/18 All I Want for Christmas Is…

12/07/18 Grandma’s Biscuits and…Her Dementia 

11/27/18 Healed Through Forgiveness 

11/21/18 Autumn Blessings 

11/08/18 Finding a New Perspective Through Zip Lining

10/27/18 A High, Low, and a Funny 

10/14/18 Reckless Love 

10/08/18 Part 2: The Bible Too Incredible to Deny

9/24/18   Part 1: The Bible Too Incredible to Deny

9/17/18   Blogger Recognition Award

9/01/18   Thank You!

8/24/18   Just Peachy!

8/16/18   Get Real

7/27/18   Good Good Father

6/26/18   Part 3: Remembering My Dad (lessons and spiritual growth)

6/25/18   Part 2: Remembering My Dad (story)

6/18/18    Part 1: Remembering My Dad (poetry)

06/7/18    Why do you run?

5/29/18   Jesus in the Center

5/18/18   More Grace

5/10/18   Spring Cleaning: Satan Out!

4/10/18   The Other Day I Substitute Taught

4/1/18     Beyond The Cross: What does it mean to you?

3/23/18   It Starts With A Seed

3/9/18     Let Go and Let God: my husband says so

2/14/18   Today (just another day) is finally here!!!

2/9/18    First Jesus, then coffee…one more cup: Part 2

2/7/18     First Jesus, then coffee: Part 1

1/11/18    Surrendering Victoriously

12/23/17  Light of the World

12/03/17  But He’s in Heaven Now

11/07/17  Hope in Jesus Equals Peace…learning from an old woman’s misery 

11/01/17   Autumn Update: REST

10/18/17   Sin City…More Than Just A Vegas Thing

10/07/17   Lego-building vs. God

09/25/17   Marriage is an Adventure

09/20/17   Faith and Teeth

09/13/17   A Strike at the Head

09/12/17   The Effect of Words

09/12/17   Bottles Down, Bibles Up

09/11/17   Let’s Share It!

09/08/17   Loving Others Through Dirty Feet

09/07/17   Pap-smears and Jesus

09/04/17   The Three “F” Words: Faith, Family, and Four-wheelers

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