A Christian Brother

This past weekend we had my youngest brother (Jeffrey) staying at our house while my mom was at church camp. My brother suffered a brain injury from a car accident twenty years ago therefore he needs a caregiver 24/7.

I’ve wrote about Jeffrey a few years ago in a post called Furry Pinball and Faith. Funny title, I know…but the furry pinball was where I described my mom’s spastic Pomeranian and his wild antics. And the faith part was about my brother’s love for Jesus. That post was me sharing on the time I watched the two of them simultaneously for half a week…which I will never do again.

This brings me back to today’s post.

My family and I had Jeffrey for the weekend while my other brother (Johnny and his family) ended up with my mom’s dog, Beardsley. I stopped by Johnny’s house one day last week and ya I definitely got the better end of that deal. Beardsley is crazy. Nothing has changed.

While Jeffrey was with us his 31st birthday landed on Friday, July 23rd so we celebrated by making a cake and then had a birthday party afterwards.

Most of Jeffrey’s birthday gifts were puzzles. This is something he loves doing and has over 150 hanging up in his little apartment. However this particular birthday he was banking on receiving a Huskers book and after all the gifts were opened it didn’t get past him that there was no Huskers book.

This became a problem…all weekend long…regardless of Jeffrey’s short term memory loss there was absolutely no forgetting that the number one item on his wishlist was nowhere in his “presents/presence.”

With my best effort I tried distracting him from the thought of this unpurchased gift but as the weekend progressed so did his irritation.

Several times I reminded him that he could put the book on his Christmas wishlist and in return he very relentlessly and expectantly reminded me that mom might have another surprise waiting for him at home…

I talked to him about the sin struggle of lust—desiring something you don’t have and how that can interfere with your heart’s peace.

I also tried convincing him that the Huskers haven’t even been too great at football for a while now…that didn’t work either. (BTW things may be looking up for them this year).

In the midst of his disappointment though, I noticed Jeffrey praying at random times throughout his stay.

Curiously I listened in as he quietly whispered words of hope to the Lord…

As frustrated as he was over the absence of the Huskers book Jeffrey really just wanted to keep his cool, to hold onto self-control, and to not cause problems. He knew exchanging his personal concerns for truths from God was the best answer to calm his discontent.

And as much of a challenge as it can be for Jeffrey to stay positive as he wrestles negative emotions the same can be true for me also. However I saw in my brother what I often times lack—more often than not when I’m struggling I vent carelessly and prolongedly.

Jeffrey set and showed me a better example.

His issue didn’t go away but prayer became his frequent way out as he stayed connected to God with a commitment that he knew was bigger and better than his problem.

Psalm 55:22 says this, ‘Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.’

Oh if we would all passionately live by and allow those words to ground us, a changed lifestyle and mindset would do us well and bless us abundantly.

…There’s much good to be learned and echoed when we observe a Christian brother’s faithful path.

P.S. When I finally visited with my mom at the end of the weekend she had plans all along to order the Huskers book but just hadn’t had a chance to! No worries though, some valuable lessons were ‘scored’ in the meantime.❤️

Author: alimw2013

About For His Purpose~ My name is Alicia and I'm a thirty-something year old who loves Jesus. Only through God’s amazing grace and mercy I have been redeemed from past regret and shame. Reading His word has allowed me to look past Satan’s forceful lies, to see myself for who Christ says I am in Him. Through writing I have learned why I made the choices I made in my younger years and I now have a better understanding of why I desire to love God like crazy these days. Despite my daily failures, God remains faithful always. I am reassured of His unconditional love for me by every ink-drop spilled out on paper, each committed prayer as I cry out to Him, and deep understanding reflected through reading His word as truth. Yes keeping a blog will make me vulnerable to others’ opinions- there will be some who don’t understand, some who may criticize or judge, but on the other hand if just one piece expressed through my writing grabs someone’s attention and directs them to God, then pouring out my heart in a blog for the world to read is worth it. I choose to glorify Him alone through words streaming across a glowing screen. And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t reveal the fact that I’m incredibly quirky; I’m my loving husband’s best friend, my vivacious kids’ craziest cheerleader and spiritual trainer (3 John 1:4). I love anything farmhouse and rustic style. I think cupping a warm coffee mug in the palm of my hands is more satisfying than the contents within. I share a common obsession with my husband for the mountains, but I would (without a doubt) settle for waves crashing against my legs at the Atlantic Ocean just as well, and I almost always have a Yorkie curled up on my lap while writing. *All photos are photographed by forhispurpose.blog and therefore may not be stored or photocopied in any manner.

29 thoughts on “A Christian Brother”

    1. Kristy! Thank you I really needed this encouragement today!
      I was just listening to Satan’s lies this morning and telling Nathan I wasn’t sure I should write anymore because I’m really not naturally smart😅and it takes me quite a while to write and sometimes stresses me out.
      However I know this is not God’s will—when I reflect or read back on posts I can see how God is speaking and teaching into my life (and other’s too) …these comments of encouragement are a huge blessing also, so thank you!!!❤️

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  1. Wow, your brother is amazing. I pray we all can learn to reel in our emotions and turn to the Lord, when we see our thought patterns have turned negative. So glad you didn’t have to watch the pinball again 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha me too! That little guy is spastic!
      Thank you Bridget for reading and commenting, I know we’re doing each other a blessing as we share and encourage each other along!!🙌❤️Praise to Him!

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  2. I think you know that I absolutely love this! How blessed Jeffrey is to have you, but also how blessed you are to have Jeffrey. We do learn a lot from our special ones…lots about God and about ourselves. Precious Jeffrey, praying and holding it all together in his disappointment. I’m glad he had a happy birthday and was surrounded by so much love. You’re a wonderful sister to him! May God richly bless you, Alicia!

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    1. One more thing – please keep writing. I saw your reply above about not feeling smart, etc. Your blog touches so many. I understand your feelings. I’ve been in a writing slump lately – no time, no inspiration, no words… But let’s keep on and just see how God blesses those who need to read what He gives us. I will if you will. 🙂 🙂

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      1. I need to know that this is normal so thank you for sharing…some days I’m just like ‘well I guess I don’t have words anymore so my writing days are over’ but you are right we can keep on because God will provide!! The encouragement for one other helps immensely, thank you Patty!!❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Thank you so much Patty! Yes after writing this post I feel warmly blessed with what God has shown me. I know you understand this so well. ❤️Thank you Patty, love this common familiarity we have—in faith and with our sweet boys…men I should say!! Or Jeffrey will correct me!!

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  3. So sweet, a happy belated birthday to your brother. If I may say; after reading about your brother’s continual prayer, I am reminded that we really cannot do it by ourselves nor in ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for reading! You’re right, I don’t know how people do life without God. I’d be messier than I already am! Praise Him for His guidance, mercy and grace!


  4. Alicia,

    When you said “I talked to him about the sin struggle of lust—desiring something you don’t have and how that can interfere with your heart’s peace”

    You made me reacquire what Jesus says “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life doesn’t consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Jesus also describes the sins that defile a person as sins from coming from untamed desires in the heart.

    That said we cannot only lust by looking at a person but on things too which i never looked at as lust before and today you open my eyes to understanding more then what I thought lust can mean or what it’s defined as.

    What I have learn from a book called “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow is to be Content with what we have and what Paul the apostle wrote Philippians 4:11-13
    New International Version
    11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content(A) whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry,(B) whether living in plenty or in want.(C) 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.(D)

    It all comes down to be Content with what we have been giving and to give thanks to our Lord Jesus.

    Greatly appreciated for sharing your brother’s life with us here on this website. Blessings!

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    1. Oh yes I love these verses you noted from Philippians…it’s so easy to want, want, want but we have to remember that it’s just stuff and we don’t take it with us when we go..plus more stuff means more to maintain or to lose or break….another verse that has helped me to keep inline with minimal purchasing and trying to avoid lust is from Colossians 3:2 “set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.”
      Great reflecting with you, thank you so much!! Very encouraging!

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