Celebrating ‘Christ’mas No Matter What

The other day I did some grocery shopping and actually checked out with a real person. This is something I never do anymore, I always opt for online grocery pickup or the self checkouts because the lines are usually shorter and my time is typically crunched. This day though I had a basket heaping full of the essentials and a gift card that can be stubborn so I decided it’d be easier to shop in-person and hit up the live cashier route to pay.

As I placed my items on the conveyor belt I could hear the customer ahead of me and the cashier as they made small talk. The woman checking out placed the last of her shopping bags into her cart, commenting she “just can’t get into the Christmas spirit this year, you know?” The cashier nodded helplessly as if she seemed to agree and without elaborating they finished the transaction and both moved on with their day.

And I just haven’t been able to get that bleak comment out of my head.

I get it for sure, but it’s sad.

It’s sad how much we’re impacted by life and fickle feelings — and yet Christmas comes regardless as a celebration of Jesus’ birth which is the absolute best truth ever. We just can’t risk missing that reality and the joy that should take place in our hearts because of it. Jesus is the only reason Christmas is even a thing.

Despite everything going on around us or how things have played out this year or any year, Christmas still comes, and it’s such a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness. He is why we celebrate — and in Him nothing has changed.

Literally as Christians, the most precious part of our lives was wrapped in the highest amount of God’s love in the form of our Savior, Jesus. Every ounce of that thought should be remarkably beautiful and profound to us. We should feel joy and gratefulness at the mention of Christ’ name and the idea of His unique life.

When we look at the recordings of Jesus’ arrival (Matthew 1 & 2 / Luke 1 & 2) even that season wasn’t all cinnamon sticks and mistletoe. The lives weren’t flawless of those who were aware of Jesus’ greatness. There wasn’t a picture perfect scene when Christ’ due date arrived. Perhaps Mary would’ve preferred a bed at a Motel 6 rather than straw in a stable but regardless Jesus birth wasn’t stopped!!!

Oh when I think of how imperfect all the details were, I’m humbled.

Physically our Christmas celebration may indeed look different this year, but our hearts have no reason to when we’re focused on Him.

No matter the chaos, the changes we’re experiencing, or the unknown we can still rejoice because the greatest gift ever was born 2000 years ago and by our faith we get to be a part of that ongoing blessing.

There isn’t anything capable of altering this truth.

It brings me peace and joy this Christmas season knowing and trusting that as things may seem undesirable or unstable, God is still fully in control — just as much as He was back in what was surely a dirty but most purposeful nativity scene stable.

Sweet ‘Christ’mas blessings to you all!!

‘She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.’
—Matthew 1:21

God, help me to celebrate Christmas because of you and your love for the world. Things may not look the same as last year’s traditions but still you are the same. You are unchanging and faithful and you are the perfect reason for every Christmas season. AMEN!

Author: alimw2013

About For His Purpose~ My name is Alicia and I'm a thirty-something year old who loves Jesus. Only through God’s amazing grace and mercy I have been redeemed from past regret and shame. Reading His word has allowed me to look past Satan’s forceful lies, to see myself for who Christ says I am in Him. Through writing I have learned why I made the choices I made in my younger years and I now have a better understanding of why I desire to love God like crazy these days. Despite my daily failures, God remains faithful always. I am reassured of His unconditional love for me by every ink-drop spilled out on paper, each committed prayer as I cry out to Him, and deep understanding reflected through reading His word as truth. Yes keeping a blog will make me vulnerable to others’ opinions- there will be some who don’t understand, some who may criticize or judge, but on the other hand if just one piece expressed through my writing grabs someone’s attention and directs them to God, then pouring out my heart in a blog for the world to read is worth it. I choose to glorify Him alone through words streaming across a glowing screen. And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t reveal the fact that I’m incredibly quirky; I’m my loving husband’s best friend, my vivacious kids’ craziest cheerleader and spiritual trainer (3 John 1:4). I love anything farmhouse and rustic style. I think cupping a warm coffee mug in the palm of my hands is more satisfying than the contents within. I share a common obsession with my husband for the mountains, but I would (without a doubt) settle for waves crashing against my legs at the Atlantic Ocean just as well, and I almost always have a Yorkie curled up on my lap while writing. *All photos are photographed by forhispurpose.blog and therefore may not be stored or photocopied in any manner.

34 thoughts on “Celebrating ‘Christ’mas No Matter What”

  1. What a beautiful truth, Alicia, in this post! It’s ALL about Jesus! Whether we get one or no presents. The Christmas story always gets to me, when I think of all the hardships Mary and Joseph endured to bring our Savior into this world!
    Merry Christmas, Alicia!

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  2. Well said, Alicia. The more we get wrapped up in the glittery holiday expectations, the more we tend to forget the warmth of the first Christmas event. I’ve seen this in my own daughters. I’m about to write about that myself. Hoping for the joy to pierce through all the trappings for us all. Alan

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  3. A great Truth, thanks.
    Ironically we are having one of our best Christmases ever. We have often (for various reasons) spent Christmas in the E. R. or have been taken up with work and Christmas party schedules.
    This year we are spending all December connecting in various ways with people and taking time to spend our mornings with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yes, it’s all about Jesus.

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  4. This is so true. I guess I am an exception to all the people who have decided they don’t want to celebrate. We are going to my parents for Christmas like we always do (unless they tell us they are concerned and so far they aren’t.). We live close to each other, probably have already exposed each other, and even suspect we already had a mild version of the virus. Each Christmas before we exchange gifts we read a portion of the Christmas story and we will do that again this year, God willing. The only thing that has kept me from wanting to be happy about Christmas is the fear I see in others. To see their absolute determination to focus on death no matter what, has completely disheartened me at times. Turning off social media and news the last few days has helped so much and your post helped my focus even more! Thank you!

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    1. Lisa I love this!!! You’re so right, it hurts seeing others living in fear, I actually feel frustrated by it.
      We’re celebrating with family also this year because we too live near my family and my husband’s.

      I’ve actually been reading Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 1 & 2 over and over this past week and I’ve never felt Jesus in my Christmas more! It’s amazing!

      Just said a prayer that you and your family stay healthy and enjoy your sweet time with your folks!!🙏❤️


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